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Perfect Commercial Mixing Tools

Jun 24

EvenMix New Location, the workhorses of commercial kitchens, and deciding what type is right for your operation depends on the types of mixing tasks you do. Understanding what each type of mixer can do, and how powerful the motor is in relation to its size, will help you narrow your choices.

Gear-Driven Mixers

Many of the large mixers that you'll find in a restaurant, bakery, or pizzeria use a gear system rather than a belt to drive their agitators and ensure smooth and precise mixing. Gear systems are typically quieter than belt-driven models, and they don't have the same chance for slippage that can occur when a belt experiences wear. However, they can be more expensive than a comparable model with a belt system when it comes time to do repairs.

Planetary Mixers

This common mixer style is the perfect fit for most standard-duty mixing tasks in your deli, diner, or buffet. Its mixing arm moves around the outside of the bowl, allowing it to reach all areas of your product without having to tilt or spin the unit. It's also very simple to clean, which saves on labor costs and helps maintain a high level of food safety.

Spiral Mixers

If you operate a bakery or pizzeria that prioritizes dough production, then a spiral mixer is the way to go. This type of mixer features a fixed spiral-shaped agitator around which the bowl rotates, allowing it to combine dough with less risk of overworking or overheating the mixture. They're also easier to use than planetary models and can handle heavier mixtures more easily.

Dough Dividers

If your establishment is making a lot of pizza or other types of flatbread, then a specialized dough divider is the best tool for the job. These mixers are used to separate a dough into equal portions, which is ideal for making sure that each customer receives a consistently delicious pizza or pastry.

Floor Mixers

The floor mixer is the workhorse of larger commercial kitchens, and it can be incredibly powerful and durable when properly maintained. This type of freestanding mixer has a higher capacity and a more powerful motor than countertop units, making it ideal for restaurants that regularly prepare large volumes of dough or other thick products.

Tote Mixing

IBC tote mixers are the easiest and most cost-effective solution for agitating fluids in intermediate bulk containers, or IBC totes. These mixers are available in a variety of sizes and power options to suit different needs, from lightweight to heavy-duty designs. They can be electric, air, or explosion proof and are designed to enclose the IBC tote, preventing fluid transfer waste and reducing safety risks.

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